Sunday, January 09, 2005


Wigging Out

Son of Sonspot is 13 months old and is hopelessly addicted to The Wiggles. Greg, Murray , Anthony, Jeff, Captain feathersword (yes, he carries around a feather for a sword), Dorothy the Dinosaur (who survives on a diet consisting of nothing but roses), Wags the Dog (Guy in a dog suit), and Henry the Octopus (Why Henry? Apparently Sesame Street had dibs on the name Oscar). These smiling fools all sing, dance, drive ,jump, and whatever else over and over all day long. The child will not watch (or allow me and Mrs. sonspot to watch) anything else.

SoS hates to ride without The wiggles playing their horribly sickly sweet music on the DVD player in the car, so I have no relief there either. At first I thought these Aussies were alright, even kind of funny. Now I think they are the DEVIL!

Get used to Wigglin'! My daughter is 26 months and has to have her dose of Wiggles(and VeggieTales) every day.

I look at it this way: at least she isn't much into BARNEY!

I like your site, so I'm adding you to my Blogroll.

Katie's Dad
Thanks Katie's Dad,

Even the name Barney isn't allowed to be spoken in our house.
Wife of Sonspot agrees with this too :) I'll take Dorothy the Dinosaur over Barney any day!
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