Thursday, November 22, 2007



My wife bought me a new Ruger 270 rifle for my birthday. I had been stubbornly hanging onto my grandfather's .30-30 (no scope) even though it greatly limited my range and it took me 24 hours to find my buck last year (likely how long before he fell from the small caliber shot).

That evening I zeroed in the scope. The next morning I went out into my back field. I saw a large doe approx. 100 yards away. I fired and missed.

After I re-zeroed in the scope (sheesh) I went back out that afternoon. I decided to hunt the woods behind the house. About 4 in the afternoon a saw a doe break from some heavy brush and was about to shoot when this guy popped his head up from behind her. They both dove into the woods before I had a shot. A few minutes later the doe re-appears. I knew he would eventually show as well. About 5 (very long) minutes later, just a she was nearing the edge of my sight on the left, he moved into the open smelling the air.

He fell no more than 20 yards from where I shot him. Almost 180 field dressed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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