Wednesday, January 12, 2005


A Question of Choice

RCP has an article today from George Will regarding the Democratic opposition to Social Security reform. The Democrats are, without a doubt, the opposition party these days. They also seem to be head-and-shoulders above the rest of us when it comes to hypocrisy as well. For a party that prides itself on being for choice, they certainly appear to own some slim pickings. Let's cull together the Democrats stances regarding choice other than, of course, abortion and see what we have:

School Choice: Nope, against it. We can't allow a withering-on-the-vine of public school education because allowing a failing school to, well, fail would be hurtful to the poorly educated children it is providing society. Also, there is the small issue of keeping the coffers full with teacher union money.

Healthcare: The fiasco of 1993 and Hillary care should let us know the Democrats want no choice available to the healthcare consumer outside of a centralized governmental provider.

Gun Control: The Democrats, as a whole, want to reduce the availability of firearms to Americans.

Taxes: The Democrats are against consumers having more of their money and to chose, individually, how to spend or save it.

Private property rights: Democratic support of the evironmental lobby has eroded the ability to own, and the old concept of, private property.

Abortion: I did say we would look at issues other than abortion. However even on their Baal-like worship of the voluntary termination of pregnancy, there is no choice for any party outside of the mother. The father has no choice. In the case of the underaged, the Democrats would like if, the parents have no choice. Healthcare, an institution that is built on protecting life, has no choice. Lastly, the child has no choice.

There are cetainly cases to be made on nearly all these points to support the Democratic position. But, just looking at the area of choice, the Democrats come away looking very sclerotic and monotheistic.

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