Friday, September 07, 2007


No, I'm Not Ready for Some Football

So the pro football season started last night with the Colts hosting the Saints. I was really looking forward to seeing this game, but by halftime I turned off the T.V. swearing that i'll likely never watch another, at least, Monday night game again.

Why is this so?

-Tony Dungy won the superbowl because he's a great coach and has one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game leading his offense. Why does every profile of the man have to revolve around the fact that he happens to be black? The reporter last night was comparing his superbowl victory to Martin Luther King's acheivements for crying out loud. Come on, give the man his due. It would tick me off when everytime I succeeded at something somebody would have to bring up my Scots-Irish heritage and how we overcame the great potato famine.

-Two words, Keith Olbermann.

-I despise the music and politics of John Couger, or is it Mellancamp, or Couger mellancamp or whatever. So having to listen to his fake southern drawl pseudo Bob Dylan voice every 3.2 minutes in that Chevy commercial is really and trully deep physical pain for me.

-Lastly, who shot John Madden up with Haldol and stuck him at the Mic. 20 years ago the Madden/Summeral games were the best. Now, it's seems a great effort for him to even speak.

Well I'm back to following women's tennis I guess.

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