Friday, January 07, 2005


White Noise

This article from the Washington Post reveals, in a microcosm, the untenable position the Democratic party has found itself in. It's a party that can only function when it is in power. With this knowledge there is nothing to do but object to the outcome of lost elections and obstruct something, anything.

Do they believe there was cheating involved in the election? Perhaps, mainly isolated on the left fringe. However, this is not about belief, but a lack of it. The Democrats desperately need know more about themselves. Not of the world, the Republicans, moral values, Social Security reform, or even the cost of tea in China. Also, The Democrats need to view themselves, not where they want to be or what they want to be, but where they are and what they have become.

This does sound simplistic I know, but in order for anyone to make a stand, or make a change, they have to be able to answer this question: What is it that I currently believe? Now that's what I call opening a big can of worms! However, being able to honestly answer this question will, all by itself, bring the Democrats halfway home.

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