Tuesday, January 11, 2005


Do You Still Beat Your Wife?

On an Azure Field of Gratuitous Advice has posted that the Evangelical Outpost has selected a winner for it's symposium (I could've misread this) that I submitted to. The winner is The Pessimistic Epistemologist. Who did a review of the responses to the article instead of the article itself. Unfortunately, I was mentioned in his review:

Sonspot says an "Amen" to Gelernter, and then goes on to say that the Bible predicted America all along--that we are somehow a fulfillment of the string of prophecy beginning with Genesis 3:15 and going on from there. How Sonspot makes the jump from John 3:16 to us is not quite clear, although Sonspot claims
But, the promise of forgiveness and the truth of equality are like fire and heat, you cannot have one without the other.
This might be news to St. Paul, who writes that our peace with God gives us hope (Romans 5) and that no one hopes for what he already has (Romans 8). Paul's advice to slaves and slave-owners, both Christian, is also a curiosity in light of this inseparable link between democratic equality and the forgiveness of sins. It would appear, though, that Sonspot considers Jesus an American.

I'm reminded of the old joke about no matter what you answer when someone asks you if you still beat your wife, it will only make you look worse. I could say that Pes. Epi's conclusions from my review are erroneous, but I would be accused of running from my statements. I could argue over Epi's understanding of equality in sin and grace, but I would be accused of being defensive. I could even draw my own conclusion that Pes. Epi was responding more to what I am than what I said, but then I would be accused of paranoia.

In the end, all publicity is good, right? I'm new at this blog game for sure, but I'm learning.

Correction: The winner has not, in fact, been selected. However, this did allow me to respond in defense of my review (well, not really). My review is what it is. In fact, I just went back and re-read it and I, strangely enough, agree with every point I made.

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