Friday, January 19, 2007



...the apprentice is a flop this season:

1. Trump's replacement of the competent, appealing, and experienced George and Carolyn for...his kids.

2. No more "cab ride of shame".

3. Just as a shoe is not a taco, LA is not New York.

4. Putting highly competent individuals working to make something of thier lives through humiliation for no particular reason (e.g. losers are to live in tents).

5. Moving to Sunday night.

6. All the off-the-set-stuff from Trumps fight with Rosie and Carolyn to the over used/sold "Your fired" exclamation. Trump won't leave the scene long enough to allow for anyone to miss him.

7. Trump himself. In the beginning I honestly believe "The Donald" was just being himself. People found that endering. Unfortunatly Trump became self aware and now tries to manufacture his magic, turning his style into schtick.

Back to building casinos and buying hotels I guess.

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