Monday, August 15, 2005


The other side of greener grass

-Democrats upset about the 2004 presidential election didn't flock to Canada after all. In fact, the number of Americans requesting Canadian residency fell in the six months after President Bush was reelected. (Reuters)

I'm sure they have a good reason for staying, maybe waiting for the price of gas to fall?

About 75% of antiwestern terrorists come from middle-or upper-class homes, and 65% have attending college. (NYT)

I bet that those numbers are similar to domestic antiwestern/antiAmericans as well.

53% of Americans now support letting gay and lesbian couples enter into civil unions, with most of the legal rights of married couples. That's an increase of 5% since last August. Support for gay marriage has also risen, from 32% to 36%. (Pew)

I don't know many people who have a problem with civil unions that grant much of the same rights of traditional marriage. In fact, I'm surprised the number is so low. As far as the sudden improvement in acceptance for gay marriage goes, I would like to see the internals and, in many polls 5% would be within the margin of error.

People who work in the NYC borough of Manhattan made an average of $73,032 in 2003, the highest among the 50 U.S. counties with the most businesses. (

Yes, but the cost of living in New York state is over twice the national average. The average income nation wide was $36,764 in 2001. So in the end, the average person in Manhattan is doing no better (and maybe even slightly worse) than the average person anywhere else in the country.


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