Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Mired in Moore

Tyroblog has a piece today regarding Michael Moore's letter to the U.S. Senate. Of special note is this:

"And it seems this time around, about 3 million more Americans preferred to continue the war in Iraq and give the rich more tax breaks than those who didn't. No sense living in denial about that."

I'm at a loss to see how this attitude helps the Democratic party.

There is, or was, this belief among some that Yassar Arafat, the recently departed head of the PLO, was an Israeli mole. The logic was this, only a mole would so weaken and destroy his own people the way Mr. Arafat did during his tenure.

This same logic could be used with Moore. Rightly or wrongly, many people came to view the democratic party and Michael Moore as one of the same. This is very bad for the democrats because Mr. Moore is, to put it nicely, a divider. You don't want a divider as the poster boy of your party, whether you happen to agree with him or not.

To channel Dan Rather; the yellow dog democrat is dying and this new dog won't hunt.

Interesting site.
Thanks for visiting my site. My response was that you may very well be right. At least that is a possiblility that needs to be considered. I hope you will check back once in a while. Thanks again.
Thankyou Gindy. It's nothing compared to yours though.
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