Friday, June 20, 2008


The Fourth Universe

There is a cosmologist who is claiming that a fourth universe exists and it is composed entirely of a mathematical equation. This idea holds alot of truth I think, though likely not of the kind that would be appreciated by cosmologists.

Due to the fact that we are part of the equation there appears to be a passage of time, but if we were able to step outside of the equation we would see that all is complete and static, like looking at a math problem on a chalk board.

I like this idea, what's done is done only I don't know what the outcome was. Someday I believe it will be revealed to me, and I have faith that the good guys won.

Thursday, November 22, 2007



My wife bought me a new Ruger 270 rifle for my birthday. I had been stubbornly hanging onto my grandfather's .30-30 (no scope) even though it greatly limited my range and it took me 24 hours to find my buck last year (likely how long before he fell from the small caliber shot).

That evening I zeroed in the scope. The next morning I went out into my back field. I saw a large doe approx. 100 yards away. I fired and missed.

After I re-zeroed in the scope (sheesh) I went back out that afternoon. I decided to hunt the woods behind the house. About 4 in the afternoon a saw a doe break from some heavy brush and was about to shoot when this guy popped his head up from behind her. They both dove into the woods before I had a shot. A few minutes later the doe re-appears. I knew he would eventually show as well. About 5 (very long) minutes later, just a she was nearing the edge of my sight on the left, he moved into the open smelling the air.

He fell no more than 20 yards from where I shot him. Almost 180 field dressed.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007


The Ape

I dreamed last night that I was over a Glenn Beck's house (Why him? I don't even listen to the man) with my oldest son Jake. Suddenly this ape comes out of nowhere and attacks Jake. To get away, Jake starts climbing up this giant tree with the ape after him and me after the ape.

I fought with the ape while climbing up the tree. I tried every way I could think of to stop him from chasing Jake, but nothing worked. Finally we all reached the top of the tree, we must've been 20 stories high, and I realized that the only way to keep the ape from catching Jake was to grab him and pull him off the tree with me.

What I felt at that moment wasn't fear or anger, but regret. I regretted that I didn't think to pull him off with me lower down the tree where I could've survived the fall and not have to leave my son fatherless.

I woke up with the thought that man, since he is not God, is doomed to live with regrets because we don't have access to the future or the past. Whatever it is we must do will have to be done despite the potential for, or surety of, regrets.

Friday, September 07, 2007


No, I'm Not Ready for Some Football

So the pro football season started last night with the Colts hosting the Saints. I was really looking forward to seeing this game, but by halftime I turned off the T.V. swearing that i'll likely never watch another, at least, Monday night game again.

Why is this so?

-Tony Dungy won the superbowl because he's a great coach and has one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game leading his offense. Why does every profile of the man have to revolve around the fact that he happens to be black? The reporter last night was comparing his superbowl victory to Martin Luther King's acheivements for crying out loud. Come on, give the man his due. It would tick me off when everytime I succeeded at something somebody would have to bring up my Scots-Irish heritage and how we overcame the great potato famine.

-Two words, Keith Olbermann.

-I despise the music and politics of John Couger, or is it Mellancamp, or Couger mellancamp or whatever. So having to listen to his fake southern drawl pseudo Bob Dylan voice every 3.2 minutes in that Chevy commercial is really and trully deep physical pain for me.

-Lastly, who shot John Madden up with Haldol and stuck him at the Mic. 20 years ago the Madden/Summeral games were the best. Now, it's seems a great effort for him to even speak.

Well I'm back to following women's tennis I guess.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Damnable Heresy

"and if I were to run off the road and say a curse word before smashing into a tree and dying, I know that I would go to hell."

Those words were spoken by a man in my church recently. He had gone before the church to admit his sin, which was unruly rage. I always find these parts of service to be cringe producing for many reasons. The main one is that the person usually segues into admonishing the rest of us for being sinful and not getting up before the the church to air their dirty laundry as well.

Not that anyone is really airing anything. The guy never really admitted to anything other than getting really really mad at times. OK, anger is an emotion, Christ got angry, where's the sin? Maybe the sin is the "look at me, ain't I pure!" mentality of some Christians, but that's for another post...maybe.

But back to the opening statement. I did laugh at this when I heard it. I thought, "didn't these kinds of arguments get settled at vacation bible school when we were like 10?" Guess not. When our pastor noticed that a few us couldn't help but snicker at the man's statement he flew off into a rage, excoriating nominalism in all it's forms and ending with the statement:" ...and to believe that you can go out and sin as you will because the blood of Jesus will protect you is a damnable heresy".

Maybe this is so, but I also believe that his blood is not so weak that I will spend eternity in the outer darkness because of some curse words a moment before death. Good grief, the whole incident was so idiotic it was surreal. What if I crashed a died while avoiding a child that ran out in the road, do I still go to hell for cursing? What if I thought the curse word but had not the time to speak it, am I still damned?

What a bunch of silly navel gazing.

Friday, January 19, 2007



...the apprentice is a flop this season:

1. Trump's replacement of the competent, appealing, and experienced George and Carolyn for...his kids.

2. No more "cab ride of shame".

3. Just as a shoe is not a taco, LA is not New York.

4. Putting highly competent individuals working to make something of thier lives through humiliation for no particular reason (e.g. losers are to live in tents).

5. Moving to Sunday night.

6. All the off-the-set-stuff from Trumps fight with Rosie and Carolyn to the over used/sold "Your fired" exclamation. Trump won't leave the scene long enough to allow for anyone to miss him.

7. Trump himself. In the beginning I honestly believe "The Donald" was just being himself. People found that endering. Unfortunatly Trump became self aware and now tries to manufacture his magic, turning his style into schtick.

Back to building casinos and buying hotels I guess.

Monday, August 15, 2005


The other side of greener grass

-Democrats upset about the 2004 presidential election didn't flock to Canada after all. In fact, the number of Americans requesting Canadian residency fell in the six months after President Bush was reelected. (Reuters)

I'm sure they have a good reason for staying, maybe waiting for the price of gas to fall?

About 75% of antiwestern terrorists come from middle-or upper-class homes, and 65% have attending college. (NYT)

I bet that those numbers are similar to domestic antiwestern/antiAmericans as well.

53% of Americans now support letting gay and lesbian couples enter into civil unions, with most of the legal rights of married couples. That's an increase of 5% since last August. Support for gay marriage has also risen, from 32% to 36%. (Pew)

I don't know many people who have a problem with civil unions that grant much of the same rights of traditional marriage. In fact, I'm surprised the number is so low. As far as the sudden improvement in acceptance for gay marriage goes, I would like to see the internals and, in many polls 5% would be within the margin of error.

People who work in the NYC borough of Manhattan made an average of $73,032 in 2003, the highest among the 50 U.S. counties with the most businesses. (

Yes, but the cost of living in New York state is over twice the national average. The average income nation wide was $36,764 in 2001. So in the end, the average person in Manhattan is doing no better (and maybe even slightly worse) than the average person anywhere else in the country.


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