Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Christie the Clueless

Christie Todd Whitman, ex-EPA head, is coming out with a new book and it (big surprise here) slams Bush. Of note, Mrs. Whitman says the Republican party has been "dictated to by a coalition of ideological extremists,". Of course this is yet another swipe at Bush's faith specifically and Christians in general. She goes on to use the ever popular word "Zealots" when describing social conservatives.

I understand that Mrs. Whitman has fallen on hard times and needs a political boost to her career. Also, it's easy to beat up on the religious right since they have become, to the average liberal, like the boogy-man hiding under the bed waiting for the slightest nodding-off of their liberal victim. Then Bam! Prayer in schools, restrictions on abortion, and FOX news on every station every day, with Rush Limbaugh hosting the morning show.

So Mrs. Whitman is playing on fear, banking on it in fact. I am open to the idea that she truly believes her party has left her, but this doesn't improve her status any in my eyes. Because, that would mean Mrs. Whitman is on a train that she believes is going in the wrong direction and instead of jumping off she'd rather the train de-rail just for her.

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